Shingle Oak Ring Count  

TOPIC: Annual Ring count for Shingle Oak

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Date: Mon, Feb 18 2008 10:50 am
From: Turner Sharp

I did a stump ring count on a Shingle Oak a couple of days ago and
came up with the following numbers.
34 annual rings including one questionable in the first 12 inches of
73 annual rings including two questionable in the next 9 1/2" of radius
for a
total of 107 years including three questionable.
The tree showed signs of damage in two quadrants at ring count 35 and
a much slower growth rate.

Here is The information as per your format.
1) Quercus imbricaria - Shingle Oak
2) Parkersburg, Wood County, West Virginia, City Park
3) February 2008
4) Type of sampling:Field count of tree stump. Stump was 3 " above
ground level and ranged in diameter 38-48 inches. First 5 rings
observed were in partially decayed wood.
5) No sample collected
6) CBH was 99.5 inches before the start of the 2006 growing season
7) No sample collected
6) Counted by Turner Sharp
7) Tree died in summer of 2007. Tree fully leafed out in the spring
but when a hot dry spell hit during the summer all leaves except ones
on a small bottom branch turned brown and began to fall. A city
maintenance crew removed the tree during the fall of 2007 and left a
stump 3" above ground level which will attacked with a stump grinder
8) Heavily used city Park for past 80? Years. Terrain flat.
9) ?
10) No photograph taken.
11) Mature tree that was ailing.:

Turner Sharp

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Date: Mon, Feb 18 2008 4:02 pm
From: "Edward Frank"


Thanks for the information. I will add it to the listing. Excellent job.