Live Oak Project, Mobile, AL Larry Tucei
May 25, 2009


I traveled to Mobile this morning to pick up my new sony laptop at Best Buy and in search of a couple of Live Oaks I knew of. The Duffie Oak, is Mobile's largest Live Oak.  I read about it last year. I knew approx., where it was located, so I used this chance to go find it. It was raining quite hard when I arrived there. I pulled up to the tree and knew instantly it would be in the top ten. It was huge! A multi-trunked specimen with root mass 3' thick. I waited an hour for the rain to stop before I could get out and measure this whopper! CBH-30'11", Height-48' and Spread-126'. Located at 1127 Caroline Ave, Mobile, Ala. I took several photos, measurements and then drove around the area in search of more trees. I found a few more that will surpass 23' CBH and will come back at a later date for them. I also spied a large Magnolia 20 CBH+, I'll get it later to.                                                                    

Between showers I managed to measure and photograph  one more Oak at The Protestant Childrens Home on 917 Dauphin St.  An Avg., tree at CBH-23' Height-63' and Spread-141'.   Mobile is an impressive place, very Historic and beautiful with thousands of Live Oaks and many other species. I wil return and spend a weekend there to cover the city in more depth.  The listing is now standing at 124 trees, I'm attaching some photos and the updated listing.


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    The Duffie Oak 1 CBH-30'11 Height-48' Spread-126'.JPG
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    The Duffie Oak 2.JPG
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    The Duffie Oak 3.JPG
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    National Arborist Association Sign.JPG
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    Protestant Childrens Home Oak 2.JPG
CBH-23' Height-63' Spread-141'.JPG

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    Protestant Childrens Home Oak 1.JPG
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    Protestant Childrens Home Oak 3.JPG
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    Protestant Childrens Home Oak 4.JPG
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