Mobile Live Oaks and a Nice Magnolia Larry Tucei
June 01, 2009


I traveled back to Mobile Sunday with a friend to measure a couple of Live Oaks and a Magnolia I saw there on my last weeks visit. We saw several Live Oaks in the 20'-22' CBH range as we drove around Mobiles Historic District. There are hundreds of large Live Oaks planted thoughout the city, along streets. Most I read were planted between 1840 and 1900. I'll have to go to the library and visit the historical society to get more details.         The first tree we did was the large Magnolia I spied last week on an earlier visit. The Fred Frambough Magnolia growing at 1911 Dauphing St. It is the fourth Magnolia I've measured since I've been with ENTS. The house where the tree is growing was built in 1907. The tree was there before that,c I'm guessing the mid 1800's. Not tall but wilh a massive trunk and large crown, loaded with flowers. Mr. Frambough was kind enough to let me measure and photograph this big Magnolia. CBH-18' 10", Height-57' and Spread-105' X 70.7'. Thats 327 total points.                                                                                                    

The first Live Oak we did is also on Dauphin St., at 2601, growing in front of a law office. CBH-22' 5", Height- 57' and Spread-143.5' X 126'. A large tree with a nice crown and healthy. We ate lunch under the Oak and then proceeded to a bigger tree just off of Springhill Ave. The Pharr Oak at 211 Woodlands Ave., CBH-25', Height-57' and Spread-135.5' X 138'. Tough to get an exact CBH due to all the ground cover. This Live Oak had some of the largest leaves I've seen.  Mr. Mobley the homeowner was glad to let me document this tree. It is listed at #20 on the Mobile Tree Trail, and he was grateful that an Organization like ENTS existed. The Listing is now at 126 Live Oaks. Some photos!  


    The Frambough MagnoliaH-57' Spread-105'x70.5 2.JPG
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    The Frambough MagnoliaH-57' Spread-105'x70.5.JPG
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    The Frambough Magnolia CBH-18' 10.JPG
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    Dauphin St Oak 1.JPG
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    Dauphin St Oak 2.JPG
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    The Pharr Oak 1 CBH 25'.JPG
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    The Pharr Oak 2 Height-57' Spread-135.5' x 138'.JPG
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