Laura Star, Sarah Anette, and Virginia Grey Live Oaks, Grand Bay, AL Larry Tucei
August 9, 2009


A co-worker connected me to David Patrick who resides in Grand Bay, Ala., last week. After talking with David he confirmed 3 large Live Oaks on his property, we set a meeting for Sunday morning Aug 9.

 He has a beautiful piece of property surrounded by huge Live Oaks. The largest tree by CBH on the property is the Multi-Trunked Laura Starr Oak. CBH-25' 9" Height-75' and Spread-120' x 96'. The second largest is the Virginia Grey Oak, CBH-25', Height-72' and Spread-132' x126'. Last but not least was the Sarah Anette Oak, CBH-22' 6" Height-78' and Spread- 147' ,x 106.5'.                                                                                            

 All the Live Oaks located here are in great shape and very healtly dispite some limb loss from previous Hurricanes.  I would estimate there age 200-250 years. These trees have heights in the top 10% of all the Live Oaks I've seen in the last 3 years.

 We also measured a Yew tree next to the driveway, a multi-trunked specimen at CBH-16' Height- 55.5' and Spread-45' x 37.5'. The largest of any Yew I've ever seen.  He had a couple of trees I couldn't ID, I'll get back on those. Some photos of Beautiful Southern Live Oaks from Grand Bay, Ala.  The Live Oak listing is now at 131 trees.          


  Laura Star Oak CBH-25' 9 Height-75 Spread 120 x 96.JPG
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  Virginia Grey Oak CBH-25' Height-72' Spread-132' x 126'.JPG
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  Sarah Anette Oak CBH-22' 6 Height-78' Spread-147' x 106.5'.JPG
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  Sarah Anette Oak.JPG
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Ents,  Yesterday I posted about a couple of trees I couldn't id. After a little reading one of the trees turns out to be a Chinese Parasoltree. It has an unusual flower with pea like  seeds attached to the edges of the flower pod that splits open. A tea can be made from the roasted seeds. A cool tree even though it is not native, reaching height of 30, and CBH of 6". This tree is eveybit that size so I would guess it to be mature.  Larry

Lawrence Tucei Jr.

  Firmiana simplex (L.)W F. Wight-Chinese Parasoltree 1.JPG
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  Firmiana simplex (L.)W F. Wight-Chinese Parasoltree 2.JPG
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