Bayminette Live Oak, AL  Larry Tucei
  Nov. 20, 2007

TOPIC: Bayminette Live Oak

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Date: Tues, Nov 20 2007 6:03 am
From: Larry

ENTS, Saturday Nov.17, I measured a large Live Oak in Bayminette
Ala. My Barbers assistant told me about this tree several months ago.
She gave me a map and said it was quite large. The Bayminette Oak made
# 8 on our listing! CBH-29'10", Spread-138' and Height-54'. She grows
adjacent to and old Industrial plant in a small wooded area that has
grown up over time. It is a low growing massively stemmed speciman.
Bob almost another 30 footer! Ed, I'll post some photos on the File
page. I'll post the new listing also. Larry


The Bay Minette Oak, measures, CBH-2910, Spread-138 and Height-54, making it #8 on our listing. I posted 1 photo on the file page and posted an updated listing also. Two photos of the Bay Minette Oak.  

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