May Family Oak, AL  

TOPIC: Live Oak Project

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Date: Mon, Sep 15 2008 8:03 am
From: Larry

ENTS, I measured two Live Oaks this weekend, the first, The May
Family Oak in the town of Coden, Ala. CBH-25'5", Height-57' and
Spread-121.5'. A very healthy Oak with large canopy limbs growing near
a small bayou. 

May Family Oak - CBH-25'5", Height-57'

May Family Oak - Spread-121.5'.

The second tree, The Pearson Park Oak in the town of
Theodore, Ala. CBH-23', Height-42' and Spread-102'. I saw several
20-23' Live Oaks in and around the Towns of Bayou La Batre, Irvington,
St. Elmo, Grand Bay and Theodore. I'll return at a later date to
measure some of them. I'll post some photos on the file page. 


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Date: Mon, Sep 15 2008 8:35 am
From: Beth Koebel

Those Live Oaks are impressive.  I would love to see one in person and not only because I like the genus of Quercus the best. 

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Date: Mon, Sep 15 2008 8:47 am
From: Larry

Beth, I really enjoy measuring them and I'm lucky to have so many
large Live Oaks within my region. Larry