Live Oak, Saraland, AL  

TOPIC: Live Oak Project in Ala.

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Date: Sun, Sep 7 2008 7:42 am
From: Larry

ENTS, I learned of a Large Live Oak in Ala., through a co-worker
from the Mobile facility. I traveled to the small city of Saraland on
Saturday. I knew approx., where the tree was located but I stopped in
at the Fire Dept., just to verify the location. After lengthy
discussion they confirmed that the Oak was behind a Restaurant called
Catfisth Junction. They were extremely interested in what I was doing
and wanted our web address. They also told me about large Oaks at The
Church St. Cemetery in Mobile. Which I will check on next, on my way
back to Southern Ms.

Saraland Oak

Saraland Oak

The tree is located on a small hillside adjacent to a gravel pit or
staging area. After crossing the pit about a 1/4 mile I located the
tree. Wow, CBH-31' 10", Height-63' and Spread-123'. This was a Huge
Oak with an unusually shaped trunk. Two massive limbs formed from one
trunk, giving the tree the odd shape. The Saraland Oak is leaning
towards the west atop the hillside, surrounded by a small patch of
Forest with lots of understory. This Live Oak has the largest CBH I've
done in Ala., Bob another 30+ footer! I posted some photos on the file
page, I climbed about 20' for one photo! This tree needs some public
attention. The guys at the Fire Dept said they were going to see the
tree and pass the info to the city. Perhaps the landowner and city
could make a small park for this Awesome Oak!

After a short drive Southeast I arrived at The Church St. Cemetary,
BTW that is where Joe Cain is buried. Famous for starting the
celebretion we call Mardi Gras. There were several big Live Oaks in
and around the area, but nothing like I was seaching for. 


However I found a huge Southern Magnolia just outside the Cemetery. 
CBH-14'9", Height-69.5' and Spread-75'! 

Southern Magnolia at Church Street Cemetary



Mobile Inner City Ministry Oak

Mobile Inner City Ministry Oak

I then went on Govt. St., where in March of 07 I found some big trees.  
One large Live Oak caught my eye. Growing at the Inner City Ministry 
was a large tree. CBH-25',  Height-63' and Spread-126'. 


I located several other large Oaks in the
area and I will return at a later date for those. I'm posting photos
on the file page! I also am updating the Live Oak listing. Larry

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Date: Sun, Sep 7 2008 8:07 am
From: "Will Blozan"


That live oak out-points the current champion, unless it is the same tree.
Great stuff! Watch out for Ike...

In looking over the AL state register us ENTS have some trees larger than
those listed- and found on just a few trips. Some are puny! Here is a
cottonwood Jess and I measured on Flint Creek that crushes the current

The Alabama list can be found here:

Will F. Blozan

President, Eastern Native Tree Society
President, Appalachian Arborists, Inc.

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Date: Sun, Sep 7 2008 8:18 am
From: Larry

Will, Thanks. Will I think it might be the same tree. I've been
trying to find out. (^^%^ Hurricanes! 


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Date: Sun, Sep 7 2008 3:25 pm


Great discoveries! It is absolutely amazing what you are turning up in the world of big, largely anonymous trees. How have trees of such dimension escaped notice of more big tree hunters? I think the champion tree programs may be reducing our field of vision by over-focusing on one tree of each species. Enter ENTS!