Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta Canada James Parton
  December 22, 2008


Last July/August my mother, Joyce Hayes went on a missionary trip with the United Methodist Church to the Blackfoot reservation and stayed in a little town, Heartbutte Montana. While there she went through Glacier National Park and then into Canada's Waterton Lakes National Park. She had never seen the beauty of Canada's boreal forests and found them and the rockies breathtaking. She visited the Prince of Wales hotel which overlooks Waterton lake and even saw a moose swimming!  The said the indians called the trees " stick trees ". The water was the prettiest blue, she said. Different than the water here in the Appalachians.

With our discussions on the Taiga and Boreal forests, I thought mom's trip would be very fitting. What kind of trees are those tall evergreens?  They are slimmer than most of our Red Spruce and Fraser Fir here in the high Appalachians. I have also uploaded one from the web on the file upload page on the Google ENTStrees website.

James Parton & Joyce Hayes

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