Winterhur DE Mike Dunn
  January 25, 2009
Preliminary Winterthur Survey

Today I spent the afternoon exploring Winterthur in Delaware.  Last
winter we had a contract here and I marveled at some of the monster
Tulips. Long rumored to be some of the largest around, I certainly
wasn’t disappointed.

Tulip #         Height          Girth           Spread
1               158.8           19.2                   96x78             huge!
2               146.5
3               145.8
4               139.1           19.2
5               136.0
6               134.8           13.9
7               133.6
8               131.5
9               131.2
10              130.8
11              127.6           15.6

that makes an average height of Tulips to be 137.7 and I am nowhere
near finished with a complete survey.  This was only one small area of
a few hundred acre property.  The white oaks are also huge and I have
yet to start on them.  It was blistering cold today and my fiancé
wasn’t too thrilled to be bumbling around in the woods.  I cant wait
to get back.

Mike Dunn