Cypress Trees, Fl James Robert Smith
April 19, 2009

I managed to find a couple of relatively impressive cypress trees on
my latest trip to Florida. We found the first one while paddling our
canoe down the spring run at Manatee Springs State Park. This was a
few days before the record-setting flood waters on the Suwanee River
hit the park and shut it down. Everything was normal when we first got
there and we were able to put the canoe in before the flood waters got

I suspect this tree was hollow, as it was so much larger than any
other tree around. But I'm not sure. We had to beach the canoe and I
got out so that my wife could snap this photo:

  Here's the only other sizable cypress we saw. This one was in Fanning
Springs State Park, a few miles away from Manatee Springs. By the time
I found it, the flood waters were beginning to wreck and inundate the
local springs. If I'd seen this one a few days earlier, I could have
walked all around it. As it was, the waters had already surrounded the
trunk and I was only able to get a few feet from it. Once again,
Carole took this shot for me.

St. Joseph Peninsula is a nice one. We tend, in the past few years, to
hit the parks with first and second magnitude springs. That's where we
have the most fun. Also, the National Forest springs--many of those
have great campgrounds where we take our travel trailer.

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