Live Oak Stilt Roots, GA Will Fell
March 16, 2009


Here are some pictures of the long exposed roots of a live oak that I came
across several years ago while on a bike ride (hence the folks in spandex
and helmets). This is not the normal architecture for oak roots. Apparently
the tree seeded on top of a spoil bank or levee along the adjacent canal and
the roots grew down the side of the bank. Over the years the soil under it
washed out leaving a several foot void underneath it with the roots firmly
supporting a fairly large tree.

The first picture shows the void with a fellow cyclist up under it holding
it up.

The second picture is a side view and about dead center under the trunk you
can see daylight through the roots.

The third picture shows the backside of the tree, still elevated a couple
feet above the dirt.


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