2008 Illinois Big Tree Register  

TOPIC: 2008 Illinois Big Tree Register

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Date: Tues, Mar 4 2008 4:22 pm
From: Beth


I am attempting to send this message again so I am sorry if you get
this twice. Once I'm sure is boring enough :-)

The 2008 Illinois Big Tree Register is out but not online yet. I now
have two champion trees on the list, Black Oak and the new one
Cockspur Hawthorn. The thing about the two is that they are only
30-40 feet away from each other. I also know that there larger
Cockspur Hawthorns in state it is just that someone has to go out and
find them. Now I wonder whom that might be (she says whistling and
rubbing circles in the ground with her toe).

Jay Hayek says that he hopes that Illinois can add three more Champs
to the National list.

I have two trees that I have to get to this spring to find and collect
fruit, leaves, and twigs from them to help ID them. One is an Acer
sp. and the other is a Fraxina sp. If either or both of them are the
species that I think that they are then they would state champs as
well. Another tree that does not have a champ here in Illinois is
River birch which are very common.

The next time I go and visit my brother in Lisle I will go and visit
the Morton Arboretum. Once there I will measure the two National
Champs, fireberry and Kansas Hawthorns, and measure the eastern
larches (Larix laricina) since Illinois still hasn't found a champ for
this specie and I just can't get the arboretum to measure them and if
I could they probly use the tanget method or worse just guess, I'm not
sure which is worse.


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Date: Tues, Mar 4 2008 7:28 pm
From: dbhguru@comcast.net


Congratulations on your confirmations. BTW, you are in a very exclusive club - about as exclusive as a club can get. As of now, you are the only active lady Ent measurer. Two others have measured trees from time to time, but neither has been active over the past year or longer. I've always held hope that tree measuring would catch on among the ladies. I know there are ladies out there somewhere who could get into tree measuring ala the ENTS way.


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Date: Tues, Mar 4 2008 6:44 pm
From: "Will Blozan"


Several of the trees I measured at Beall Woods in the late 90's were larger
than the (then) listed champions for the state. Since it was so long ago I
am not even positive that they are still there. Do you ever go there?


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Date: Tues, Mar 4 2008 4:24 pm
From: Beth Koebel

Whoops, I forgot to state that if someone just has to
have the 2008 Illinois Big Tree Register before it
gets online I will be glad to send them a copy.


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Date: Wed, Mar 5 2008 1:16 am
From: Beth Koebel


I have not been to Beall Woods since it is across the
state from me. As I type this I'm thinking that is a
lousy excuse because I travel farther when I go down
state to Cache River.


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