Beall Woods Belles Bob Leverett
July 09, 2009


Today Monica, Beth, Amy, and yours truly returned to Beall Woods. The attached photo is of the three ladies next to a huge Shumard oak (we think). And while we were there, by gum, the tree blessed the ladies and declared them, henceforth, to be known as the Beall Woods Bells. Now, I thought that was might nice of the tree. Can't recall of a similar blessing.

Also,  Beth got her well-earned tree today- probably the tallest in all Beall Woods. It is the Beth Koebel Tuliptree and its measures a surprising 141.5 feet in height and is 11.3 feet around, if my memory serves me correctly. A full report on Beall Woods and on Pioneer Mothers Natural Area is forthcoming. As of now, a good night's sleep is needed by old Bob. Good night all.


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   Our two day event in Beall Woods was successful despite the hungry mosquito population and hot, humid weather. I'll post more on this old growth icon, but the biggest news is that I do believe we may have measured the tallest tree in Beall Woods. It is the fine tuliptree I reported on in last night's email. At 141.5 feet, it tops the next tallest tree I could find by around 10 feet. I got several species and lots of trees into the low 120s, but just couldn't get above the high 120s on any tree except for the lone tuliptree. It is now the Beth Koebel Tuliptree. Beth has more than earned it. Congrats to Beth.

    The nature interpreter at Beall Woods would like ENTS to return next year and partner with the park to do a program. We'll try to schedule something. Stay tuned.

Attached is an image of Beth near the mystery tree. Anyone care to guess the species? Finally, the Beall Woods Bells are shown again. Beth, care to narrate this one? Please tell our lady and fellow Ents where this shot was taken.    


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