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Date: Sat, Mar 22 2008 6:04 am
From: Beth


By now some of you may have noticed that I am always mentioning
Oakdale, IL. This is a very small town of roughly 150-200 people. It
is also where my mother grew up on a near by farm and my of her
realitives still live and farm. The meeting place to gossip and get
good food here is the Oakdale General Store and Country Kitchen. The
building "was built in the early 1890's by Dave smith as an implement
shop. He then sold it to Thomas McClurkin, who opened as a general
store, selling ice cream and homemade bread. Mr. Logan operated a
barber shop in the back of the store."

"In 1904, the store was sold to Mr. Kleinschmid. He operated as a
general store, trading merchandise for farmers produce. Mr.
Kleinschmidt and his son, John, managed the store until 1937, when it
was sold to Mr. Clarence Woodside. Mr. Woodside bought cream, eggs,
and chickens from farmers. He sold groceries, meats, dry goods,
nails, small hardware, bottled gas and gasoline. He began selling
appliances and in 1949 he secured the Frigidaire franchise and built
an addition to the store as a display room."

"Mr. Eugene Krummrich purchased the store in 1973 and continued to run
it as a general store until he sold it to Dale and Sandra Jones in
1993. The Jones' began operating a small restaurant as well as the
general store. In 1997 they sold to Alex and Gracie Hood, who
continued to run it as a restaurant."

"In 2004 Eric Reinartz purchased the store from the Hoods' and
continued to run it as a restaurant. In 2006, I Ben Wisely purchased
the store, and will continue to run the restaurant and offer the same
friendly and courteous service you have experienced in the past."

The above quote is on the front of the menu. I myself remember going
in to town with my grandmother to go to the store when Mr. Krummrich
owned it and I have continued to go there ever since. It was just
about 3-4 years ago that the hitching post was taken down by the
restaurant and ever once in a while you will still see a horse or
horse and wagon hitched up to railing around the proch in front.