Save Kentucky's Hemlocks  

TOPIC: Save Kentucky's Hemlocks

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Date: Tues, Apr 8 2008 7:43 am
From: "Neil Pederson"

Dear ENTS,

A new group has formed to raise awareness and resources to protect some of
the remaining uninfected hemlock stands in Kentucky. A web page will be up
and running soon. For those with MySpace or FaceBook memberships, initial
Save Kentucky's Hemlocks group pages are now up and running. Please join and
continue to spread awareness.

BTW, a maps showing the invasion of HWA is available here: 

HWA has made it into the Red River Gorge, potentially in Whitley County,
and in other places within Lilley Cornett Woods. It is moving fast now [or
we are detecting it better].


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Date: Tues, Apr 8 2008 11:30 am
From: JamesRobertSmith

Of course nothing much will be done. This nation is too busy putting
trillions of dollars into the pockets of war profiteers to bother
saving our own forests and wild lands. For the past few years I have
been busy viewing what was left of our great hemlock forests. I
started in Cataloochee, which was okay when I first visited, and which
is now pretty much a dead forest, as far as hemlocks are concerned.

The older I get, the more I despair of my own nation.