Louisiana Live Oaks #1 Larry Tucei
May 4, 2009

ENTS,   Saturday and Sunday,I and a friend went to several south central La., cities to measure some big Live Oaks. I've been researching most of these Oaks but a few I saw on the way to Texas Motor Speedway in early April. I've been meaning to return to La., for I knew there are so many large Live Oaks that need documentation. Some of the Oaks we did are registered with the Louisiana Live Oak Society, some are not.                                                                                                                

We started at Hammond La., where I saw a large tree from I-10 exit 40 earlier. This tree was well protected during construction of the new Hammond Square Mall. In talking to some const. workers they told how the land owner would only sell for development if the Live Oak was saved. Cudos to him! They also told us of another large tree a mile or so away that had historic value. So after measuring and photographing the Hammond Square Oak, CBH-24' 8", Height-58.5' and Spread-150' we next measured the Peter Hammond Oak, namesake of the city of Hammond La., CBH-25' 1", Height-63' and Spread-97.5'. We spent a hour at each tree but had to push on towards Baton Rouge were more Oaks awaited.                                                                                                            

After traveling to BR, we exited on Airline Hwy and turned east in search of a couple of Oaks a friend had seen while cutting trees here after Hurricane Katrina. The property with the Oaks was across the street from East Fire Station that plus windows live search helped me locate the Oaks. The property owner wasn't home but I took a photo or two from the car, showing two 20 footers in the front yard. Not real huge Oaks but still impressive and worth the drive to see them.     

Next we crossed the Ms. River and turned south towards the towne of Brusly La., I read about a large Oak ther some time ago and finally came to see it. The Black Brusly La., a large tree growing adjacent to an intersection. The home owner was pleased to let me measure and photograph it along with another Live Oak on her property. Also a huge pecan and a Pond Cypress. The Black Brusly Oak, CBH-26' 7", Height-75' and Spread-135'. The Elizabeth Oak, CBH-22' 11", Height-63' and Spread-135'. The Pecan, CBH-12' 2", Height-90' and Spread-121.5'. The Pond Cypress, CBH-10' 5", Height-64.5' and Spread-55.5'.            

 Our next stop was at a place called Grosse Tete, there where several big Live Oaks located here all growing along a small bayou that meandered along Hwy 77 crossing under I-10. The largest Oak was the Grosse Tete Oak just north of I-10, looks like during construction of these roadways this tree was damaged and is starting to show signs of stress. An awesome tree that perhaps should have gotten a little more care. CBH-29' 7", Height-57' and Spread-132'.  More to come.



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