City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana  

TOPIC: Live Oak Project, City Park visit, New Orleans, La.

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Date: Sun, Aug 10 2008 8:08 am
From: Larry

ENTS, I traveled to New Orleans, yesterday, on my continuing
quest of documenting the largest Live Oaks I can find. For all our new
members, I've been collecting data on the Southern Live Oak for the
past 3 years. I added 3 new trees to the elite listing all from City
Park in New Orleans. A beautiful place on the Southern edge of Lake
Ponchartrain. A very historical place in the city, many gatherings
have taken place here in the last 200 years. You get a feeling of the
Ole South here from the hundreds of large Live Oaks present. Most of
them are 100-200 years old with a few exceptions which are the trees
I'm after. Lots of Spanish Moss in the Live Oak canopy, which they are
well known for.

 McDonogh Oak, CBH-27'7", Height-48.9' and Max. Spread- 154.5'.

The Park contains 1300 acres, I only had a few hours to spend there so
I used my time wisely. I found the Dueling Oak, Suicide Oak, and the
McDonogh Oak. They are the most famous of the trees in the park. Only
the McDonogh Oak was large enough for my listing so I started with it.
A huge old tree with multiple limbs on the ground. The city has braced
most of them with large poles to help support the massive limbs. I
estimate this tree to be somewhere around 300 years, they have it
listed at 600. The McDonogh Oak grows along the remnants of a slough
of Bayou St. John, with Cypress, Gum and Oak. A mostly shaded area due
to the great trees giant spreads. All 3 of the Live Oaks I measured
were located here, within 200 yards of each other.

The Colony Grove Oak, CBH- 26', Height-68.7' and Spread-149.5'. 

The Allard Plantation Oak, CBH- 24'3", Height- 54' and Spread- 148.5'. 

The McDonogh Oak, CBH-27'7", Height-48.9' and Max. Spread- 154.5'. 
The Colony Grove Oak, CBH- 26', Height-68.7' and Spread-149.5'. 
The Allard Plantation Oak, CBH- 24'3", Height- 54' and Spread- 148.5'. 

All massive trees with fantastic spreads. I also
returned to Audubon Park to remeasure the giant Live Oak on East ave.,
it has a huge burl at the 4.6' from ground level so I returned to
correct my last measurement. I did a CBH at 5.5' and got 30', so I
edited my listing. I'll post a new listing now at 82 trees along with
some photos from City Park. The link on the Dueling Oaks I thought was
interesting. One died in the 1940's the other is still standing but
looks rough.

Also the link to City Park. 


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Date: Sun, Aug 10 2008 1:50 pm


Congratulations. Your work continues to inspire the rest of us. Any tree over 25 feet in circumference falls into a special category and deserves special recognition.Twenty-five feet around represents a diameter of approximately 8 feet. Two of your three oaks meet tha criteria.


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Date: Sun, Aug 10 2008 6:29 pm
From: Larry

Bob, Thank you. It is my pleasure and may I say you guys inspire
me! I've listed 51 Live Oak trees from Ms., 21 from La., 4 from Ala.,
and 5 from Fla. 35 of the Live Oaks are 25' CBH or better and I'm
sure there are many more to document. I plan to get all the State
Champions done eventually, and many others. I will get around to more
Volume this winter. I've documented a few of the bigger trees with the
stuff you sent me I just need to go back to these trees and complete
your spreadsheets. I'm posting the photos now. 


TOPIC: Visit back to Audubon Park and City Park New Orleans

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Date: Tues, Aug 19 2008 6:21 pm
From: Larry

ENTS, Went back to Audubon Park and contacted the Manager of the
Audubon Golf Course to make sure I didn't miss any of the larger Live
Oaks there. While talking to him I learned the name I gave to the
Audubon Park Oak was called the Tree of Life Oak. We also renamed 2
other trees there on the listing Big Knob Oak and Lil Mick Oak are
also in Audubon Park. He was kind enough to let me take a golf cart
and ride around the perimeter of the course which is in the center of
Audubon Park. That was way cool of him! I measured a couple of 20
footers and saw a couple more but it seems that there are no other
really large Live Oaks in the Park. Mick, the Manager said Perhaps
there might some larger ones at Loyola University, across Magazine St.
I could return at a later date and check it out.

I then went back to City Park and measued a 23'10" Live Oak called the
Suicide Oak. 

 Suicide Oak

Wow, what a knarly looking tree! You felt a presence at
the tree, but I went after the measurements anyway. Many a soul had
ended their Life under the Oak, thus the name Suicide Oak. CBH-23'10",
Height-57.9' and Spread-119.5'. 

Dueling Oak

Next I went to the Dueling Oaks a few hundred yards away.  
Its companion Oak had died in the 1940's and
there was a sign posted near the tree briefly describing it as the
place where many men fought for there honor and so on. A smaller tree
but still impressive, CBH- 17'6", Height-43' and Spread-

I had one more stop
before my return to South Ms., The Chalmette Battlefield. This is
where Andrew Jackson defeated the British in 1814. I went there to
check for larger Live Oaks, they had one 22 footer but nothing else
looked any larger and the park was closing so maybe I will return at a
later date. I reposted the updated Live Oak Listing and Posted some
Photos of the Suicide and the remaining Duelling Oak. Check out the
one photo of the Sucide Oak, Its like a morbid face appearing within
the tree. 


TOPIC: Visit back to Audubon Park and City Park New Orleans

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Date: Wed, Aug 20 2008 5:07 am
From:  Bob leverett


You've spoiled us. We've come to expect reports of huge live oaks from your visits. I wonder how long the supply will last.


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Date: Wed, Aug 20 2008 11:19 am
From: Larry

Bob, Here in Ms., there are a few more, in La., there are many more.

Ala., has more left as does Fla., and I haven't made it to Texas,
Georgia, N. & S. Carolina, or Virginia. So maybe the listing could
make it to 200-300. Out of say a 100,000 Live Oaks only 200 or 300
would be 20' CBH or greater.

So a 20' tree is rare but a 30' tree is extremly rare. I also plan to
Document all nine State Champions, so far I have Ms., and La., I know
where the Texas, Georgia, Florida trees are. I just haven't gotten to
them yet. But in time I will get to them all! Larry

TOPIC: City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana
On Aug 1, 1:39 pm, Larry <> wrote:
I'm planning a trip to City Park, New Orleans, on the 9th of Aug. I
contacted the Special Events Director and have permission to come down
and measure their  trees.                                                       

I should get some great photos and measurements. My first visit will be 
to get familiar with the park, 1300 acres, and then I will return for a more
detailed visit. I can't wait to get down there! Some of these Live
Oaks are huge! As are many other of the trees in the park.

City Park was flooded by the Levee break following Hurricane Katrina
and held saltwater for 10-14 days. The Park is slowly recovering and
it will be an Awesome adventure. .

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Date: Fri, Aug 1 2008 8:35 pm
From: Gary Smith

City Park in New Orleans is great. Been there quite a few times.
Have a great little brochure tucked away somewhere with a map showing
which oaks were wild and which ones were planted. The McDonough Oak is
great and I've always wanted to collect some acorns from it, but have
never been there at the right time.

The last time I was through there was in the spring of '07 and things
were recovering from Katrina. Lots of damage still evident.

Larry, there were some huge live oak limbs piled up in several places
throughout the park. They might well be gone now, but you might keep
a lookout if case they are still there. You might be able to get
permission to cut a few cross sections if you so wish and have a


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Date: Sat, Aug 2 2008 6:58 am
From: Larry

Gary, They have the McDonogh Oak listed estimated at 600 years old.
That's one thing I'm checking on. The Suicide Oak and the Dueling Oaks
are also famous trees. Many a man fought under these two Oaks, only
tree is alive today. Link to the Dueling Oaks.
I've seen photos from the park in the 1930s and many of the trees were
planted then. It will be an interesting visit. Thanks, Larry

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Date: Sat, Aug 2 2008 8:45 am
From: Gary Smith


My guess as to the actual age of the McDonough oak would be more like
400 years, but who knows.

The Dueling Oak at one time had a twin close by, but it either died or
got removed.


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Date: Sun, Aug 3 2008 6:13 am
From: Larry

Gary, Yes you are correct more likely 300-400 years. The Dueling Oaks
twin died in the 1940's.