Herbie - Big Elm in Maine  

TOPIC: Herbie - Big Elm in Maine

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Date: Wed, Jan 23 2008 6:44 pm
From: "Edward Frank"

Here is a to an article from http://www.americanprofile.com/heroes/article/2967.html  It talks about a large elm in Maine. Do we have anybody nearby that could measure it and get a photo? It is a really big elm. It is described by Colby Rucker in his great eastern trees article as follows:

"Herbie" American elm. CBH 20' 0", ht. 93', spr. 110'. Located in Yarmouth. Reference: Internet. Wright, Virginia. "Champion of Trees," American Profile, January 4-10, 2004.

Ed Frank

Champion of Trees
by Virginia Wright
All spring and summer, Frank Knight, 93, drives through the shaded streets of his town, peering into the leafy canopy with an eye tuned to the early stages of disease-a sign of fungus, a waning bough, a spot of fall color on a leaf in July.
"Isn't that a monstrous, beautiful tree?" he says, gazing up at Herbie, an American elm whose muscular limbs and sprawling crown nearly blot out the sky. One of the largest elms in New England (trunk girth: 240 inches; height: 93 feet; crown: 110 feet), Herbie has survived several brushes with disease, thanks to Knight's sharp eye and reverence for a tree that put down roots when the 13 colonies were sowing independence....