Katydid and Grasshopper in White Pine Canopy, MA Andrew Joslin
August 27, 2009


Here is some video from a climb with friends in a white pine on the the
north side of the Holyoke Range in south Amherst, Mass.:

I'm working on the grasshopper ID but no luck so far. We were very
interested to see a grasshopper above 85 ft. in a white pine, what was
it living on? Might be resident in the lower hardwood canopy and just
happened to be passing through. When it jumped it circled and landed
back in the pine, it was in no rush to leave the tree.

Charlie Davis wrote (August 28, 2009)

This from Sam Droege, coordinator of the NY Cricket Crawl:

"Very nice...also the katydid they found was very likely an Orchelimum
minor - the lesser pine katydid


One of the very few pine feeders

Common in pines....it makes a very soft sound though and its usually
overlooked because its up in the tops of trees.

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