Massachusetts 150 Club (All white pines in Masschusetts 150 feet or more in height)
Information provided by Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest and the Eastern Native Tree Society
MTSF = Mohawk Trail State Forest, MSF = Monroe State Forest  
Location Height Circumference TreeName
Bryant Woods (Cummington, MA) 155.4 10.2 William Cullen Bryant Pine
Bryant Woods 151.8 11.0 Robert Frost Tree
Bryant Woods 151.2 8.6 Carl Sandburg Tree
Bryant Woods 150.7 10.6 Emily Dickenson Tree
Ice Glen (Stockbridge, MA) 153.2 12.8 Ice Glen Pine
Ice Glen 151.1 6.8 Little Ice Glen Pine
MSF-Dunbar Brook 156.2 12.2 Thoreau Pine
MTSF-Algonguin Pines 158.2 8.7 Algonquin Pine
MTSF-Algonguin Pines 153.7 9.7 Frank Decontie Tree
MTSF-Algonguin Pines 153.1 6.5 Little Frank Decontie Tree
MTSF-Algonguin Pines 152.7 7.9 Little Frank Decontie #2
MTSF-Algonguin Pines 152.4 10.4 Bear Tree
MTSF-Algonguin Pines 151.2 9.5 Sandra Decontie Tree
MTSF-Algonguin Pines 151.2 8.4 Brightside Tree
MTSF-Algonguin Pines 150.8 6.7 Middle Tree
MTSF-Algonguin Pines 150.6 10.1 William Commanda Tree
MTSF-Algonguin Pines 150.3 8.4 Circle Pine
MTSF-Cherokee Grove 153.0 12.5 Calibration Tree (Sequoyah)
MTSF-Clark Ridge-Shunpike Area 158.6 10.4 Joseph Brant Pine
MTSF-Clark Ridge-Shunpike Area 154.4 9.5 Oneida Pine
MTSF-Clark Ridge-Zoar Stand 162.5 11.4 Tecumseh Tree
MTSF-Clark Ridge-Zoar Stand 161.2 11.2 Saheda Pine
MTSF-Clark Ridge-Zoar Stand 152.6 9.8 Washakie Pine
MTSF-Clark Ridge-Zoar Stand 151.7 8.9 Crazy Horse Tree
MTSF-Clark Ridge-Zoar Stand 150.6 7.7 Ouray Pine
MTSF-Mast Pines 153.8 8.1 Mast Tree #2
MTSF-Mast Pines 151.3 8.8 Mast Tree #1
MTSF-Mast Pines 150.6 7.8 Mast Tree #3
MTSF-Mast Pines 150.3 7.8 Mast Tree #4
MTSF-Pocumtuck Pines 151.9 9.0 Metacomet Tree
MTSF-Pocumtuck Pines 151.3 6.5 Massasoit
MTSF-Pocumtuck Pines 151.1 8.4 Frank James Tree (Wampanoag)
MTSF-Trees of Peace 163.5 10.1 Jake Swamp Tree (Mohawk)
MTSF-Trees of Peace 162.2 9.3 Joe Norton Tree (Mohawk)
MTSF-Trees of Peace 157.4 7.8 John Brown Tree (Narragansett)
MTSF-Trees of Peace 156.6 8.1 Tom Porter Tree (Mohawk)
MTSF-Trees of Peace 151.9 8.4 Lynn Rogers Tree (The Bear Man)
MTSF-Trees of Peace 151.7 8.4 Arvol Looking Horse Tree (Lakota)
MTSF-Trees of Peace 151.3 10.4 Clutter Tree
MTSF-Trees of Peace 151.1 8.0 Unnamed
MTSF-Trees of Peace 151.0 7.4 Guardian Tree
MTSF-Trees of Peace 150.3 9.0 Dave Chief Tree (Lakota)
Totals 42 42  
Averages 153.5 9.1  
Eastern Native Tree Society (ENTS) members involved in measuring the above trees:  
  Dr. Robert Van Pelt, Forest Ecologist, University of Washington    
  Will Blozan, President and Co-founder, ENTS    
  Robert  Leverett, Co-founder, ENTS and Co-founder/Executive Director, Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest (FMTSF)
  Professor Gary Beluzo, Director, Environmental Science Dept, Holyoke Community College, Science Advisor, FMTSF  
  John Knuerr, Science photographer, FMTSF    
   Howard Stoner, College mathematics instructor    
   Colby Rucker, Retired, State of Maryland    
   Jack Sobon, Architect and Timber Framer    
   Michael Davie, Arborist, North Carolina    
Others who have assisted include:        
    Dr. William Keeton, Forest Ecologist, University of Vermont    
    Dr. Larry Winship, Forest Ecologist, Hampshire College    
    Kimberly Jensen, Naturalist and Environmental Educator    
    Lisa Bozzuto, Research Forester    
    Dave Miller, Assistant Supervisor, Mohawk Trail State Forest    
    Susan Benoit, Director, Educational Programming, FMTSF    
   1. Three of the above pines have been climbed. Climbers are Will Blozan and assistant, Michael Davie, Dr. Robert Van Pelt
         Jake Swamp  (2 climbs, 1st climb Nov 1998, Will Blozan and partner, 2nd climb, Michael Davie Oct 2001)  
              Hgt of Jake Swamp on 1st climb, 158.6 ft, 2nd climb, 160.9 ft    
         Joe Norton     ( 1 climb, Bob Van Pelt and Will Blozan, Oct 2001)    
              Hgt of Joe Norton on climb, 159.6 ft    
         Saheda            (1 climb, Nov 1998, Will Blozan and partner)    
              Hgt of Saheda on climb, 158.3 ft, later adjusted to 158.5 to conform to center contour  
   2. On Oct 24th a climb is scheduled for either the Tecumseh or Thoreau Pine by Will Blozan  
   3. So far as we know, the Massachusetts white pines have been the most exhaustively measured and monitored of any tall
        trees in the eastern United States, courtesy of ENTS and FMTSF    
   4. The dominance in New England of MTSF in the 150 foot and over class of pines is a subject of scientific interest  
       that involves the Center For Hardwood Ecology, University of Minnesota, Director, Dr. Lee Frelich  
   5. Naming conventions are courtesy of FMTSF and ENTS.    
   6. Methods of measuring the heights of the pines include climbing on occasion and  
        use of lasers, clinometers, poles, trigonometry, and statistics.    
        Measurement accuracy of frequently measured trees is +/- 1.0 feet of target being measured.