USM Coast Campus Live Oaks  

TOPIC: Live Oak Project

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Date: Sat, Feb 16 2008 1:49 pm
From: Larry

ENTS, I went back to the USM Coast Campus today to measure a couple
of Live Oaks I saw there while measuring The Friendship Oak in Oct 06.
I measured two more Live Oaks there, one is Mona's Oak, CBH-22'1",
Spread-114' and Height-58.5'. 

monas_oak_cbh22_1a.jpg (84970 bytes)
 Mona's Oak

The second tree is Austin's Oak,

austinsoak_cbh25_9a.jpg (93303 bytes)
Austin's Oak

CBH-25'9", Spread-112.5' and Height-54'. Making these two Live Oak #54
and #27 on the Live Oak listing. I now have 69 trees documented, I'll
post some photos and update the listing. Larry

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Date: Sat, Feb 16 2008 2:02 pm


The live oak makes the 20-ft and over circumference club too populated - not sufficiently exclusive. The 25-ft circumference and over club is probably the starter for that species. A 30-ft and over club is still a little too exclusive.


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Date: Sat, Feb 16 2008 2:06 pm
From: Larry

Bob, I'm not sure about that, there are thousands of Live Oaks in the
14-20' range but only a few in the 20' plus. We just have so many Live
Oaks here that are big.