Cottonwood in Gulfport, MS  

TOPIC: City Trees

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Date: Sat, May 3 2008 6:12 am
From: Larry

Yesterday during my lunch break I stopped at an Eastern Cottonwood for
some measurements. The tree caught my eye several years ago, at the
time I wasn't measuring just enjoying its solitude. This is the
largest Cottonwood in South Ms., although its not a larger tree by any
means, to me its special.

Last year a small plaza was built adjacent from the tree and they did
a fairly good job of not damaging the trees near this development. We
are having many building projects throughout South Ms., due to Katrina
as you would expect. Most contractors are extra careful in protecting
our Live Oaks, Magnolias.

Anyway this Cottonwood stands alone as the only one I know of this far
south in Ms., growing approx., 1 mile from the Gulf of Mexico, 10'
from a blacktop road.

CBH-7'7" Height-59.32' and

This tree was planted, when this area was known as Ms. City, its now
Gulfport. I'll post a couple of photos.