Delisle Cemetery Oak, MS  

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Date: Mon, Jul 28 2008 7:11 pm
From: Larry

ENTS, I went back to Delisle Ms., today and measured a Live Oak I
saw Saturday, rain and lightning had stopped me from measuring it
then. A beautiful Oak overlooking the Delisle Cemetery, standing like
a sentinel. Watching over the entire area. This Live Oak took the eye
of Hurricane Katrina with a 30' storm surge. The Oak had about 10-15'
of water under it with little effect other than minor limb damage from
high winds. Growing near the East edge of Bay St. Louis adjacent to
Delisle Bayou. The Oak along with others grows approx: 300 yards from
the Brackish bayou surrounded on two sides by the marsh of the Bay. A
very peaceful place and secluded, perfect for an eternal resting
place. CBH- 20'2", Height-51' and Spead-111'. I'll post two photos on
the file page.