Gulfport Live Oak - Courthouse& 16th Larry Tucei
  October 1, 2007


Measured another Live Oak at 16th St., and Courthouse Rd., in
Gulfport. The tree is around 200 and had about 10' of water during
Hurricane Katrina. CBH-24'1", Height-57' and Spread-105. I'll post to
photos. The Project Listing is now at 56 and rising. Maybe I'll stop
at 100!    


   The beat goes on. I'm amazed at the growing number of 20-footers. The Live Oak is a very, very special species. Can't wait to get down there with my newly ordered TruPulse 360 to model as many of the Live Oaks as time will permit.


Bob,   When you guys come we will model the largest 3-5,etc., time
permitting. Larry


   Sounds like a plan. I'll be developing the methodology on the big New England and New York sycamores.