Lizana Oak, Harrison County, MS  

TOPIC: Live Oak Project

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Date: Sun, Jul 27 2008 6:05 am
From: Larry

ENTS, Saturday July 26 I had an opportunity to measure a couple of
Live Oaks through a friend at work who introduced me to Mr. Bernard
Ladner. He knew where a large Live Oak was located in rural Harrison
Co., Ms. After meeting with him and measuring a Live Oak that he had a
17' Cir. tree, we proceeded to Mr. Buddy Lizanas farm. Mr. Lizanas
Oak was large and after explaining what I was doing he let me measure
and photograph the tree. A massive limb had fallen off the main trunk
about a year ago that went out 90 degrees to 60'. I measured the tree
and got around 24' CBH before the limb split and 19' 9" after. Still a
magnificient tree, CBH- 19'9", Height-65.8' and Spread 124.5'. 

Mr.Lizana gave me permission to cut off a piece of the 4' 2" remaining
limb that is laying on the ground. It would be another great example
of Live Oak growths, I'll return with a 4' chainsaw a get a sample to
send to Neil for aging. I wish we could have done this with the
Middleton Oak while we had the chance. Perhaps they still have a limb
lying around. I added The Lizana Oak to the listing and will post
some photos on the file page. 


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Date: Sun, Jul 27 2008 7:58 am
From: "Edward Frank"


The people at Middleton Place did collect a cookie from the broken limb. I had an offer from Henri Grissino-Meyer from UT-Knoxville to do a ring count on the tree section, but I am unsure if the two ever connected up to actually get the cross-section to Knoxville for counting. I will look into it.


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Date: Sun, Jul 27 2008 8:40 am
From: Larry

Ed, That would great! We could compare the growth rates between the
two locations.