Ocean Springs, MS  Larry Tucei
 Dec. 04, 2007 

TOPIC: Live Oak Project

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Date: Tues, Dec 4 2007 9:17 am
From: Larry

ENTS, Hello All. Yesterday in Ocean Springs, Ms., I measured 4 20'+
Live Oaks. I've known about 3 of them. While measuring one of the 3 a
woman approached me and asked if I would like to measure her tree
also. I said sure! I wouldn't have seen this tree if she hadn't told
me, it was behind her house. I've been down this round a hundred times
before and never saw that tree. Anyway the 4 trees are, 

1.The Nora Hasty Oak, CBH-24',Spread-157.5' and Height-63'. This is one I would
not have seen! 

2.The Dewey Ave.Oak 2, CBH-23'1", Spread-130' and Height-76.5.

3.Porter St. Oak, CBH-22'11", Spread-133.5' and Height-66'. 

4.The Dewey Ave Oak 1, CBH-20'6", Spread-150' and Height-75'. 

 Dewey Avenue Oak 2, CBH 23' 1"

 Dewey Avenue Oak 1, CBH 20' 6"
Dewey Avenue Oaks, Ocean Springs, MS

All of these tree are in excellent health, all around
200-250 years old, and all grow within a mile from each other. The
owner of the Dewey Oaks told me a story of Tornado touching down and
removing the lower ground limbs. An elderly woman, Mrs. Seymour said
when she was a little girl she climbed the limbs, which ran at ground
level. The twister took the lower limbs, but not the upper, this
happened around 1910. I didn't even know of this weather event, quite
interesting. I'll post some photos, Ed, I'll send you some. I now
have 63 trees on the listing, my goal is 100! I post the new
listing. Larry

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Date: Tues, Dec 4 2007 9:24 am
From: dbhguru


We need an article from you for the Bulletin on your search and discovery of the 8th wonder of the world - the Live Oaks of the deep South.


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Date: Tues, Dec 4 2007 11:04 am
From: Larry

Bob, No problem. I got 63 documented 20' + trees now. Some growth
rates.  That 30' + tree in Bay Minette Ala. An updated listing. I'll email Don
for some suggestions.