Pass Christian Live Oaks I  

TOPIC: Live Oak Project 

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Date: Sun, Mar 23 2008 11:55 am
From: Larry

ENTS, Saturday I returned to Pass Christian, Ms., where earlier last
year I reported on the Meeting Oak. While measuring it I noticed
several other large Oaks in the area and new they were 20' . 


Pass Christian Oak


Pass Christian Oak Crown

Anyway the first is the Pass Christian Oak , CHB-25' 2", Height-49.5' and
Spread-120'. Making it #29 on the Project listing. Located at City
Hall about one quarter mile from the Gulf of Mexico on the corner of
Fleitas Ave., and E. Second street. 


Miramar Oak

The second tree I measured, The Miramar Oak, at 242
Second St., is #58 on the list. CBH-22', Height-58.5, and


My Shadow in the Live Oak

Both of these Oaks were in 10-15' of
saltwater during Hurricane Katrina with little effect as the Live Oak
has adapted to the Saltwater environments along the coastal region of
its home range. Of the 50,000-75,000 (conservative estimate), Live
Oaks along the Ms., Coast, less than 100 will make the listing. I'll
post some photos on the file page. 20'+ Oaks are not common, it takes
at least 200 years to attain this size.