Wrought Island and Pass Christian Oaks  

TOPIC: Live Oak Project

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Date: Sun, Sep 21 2008 11:51 am
From: Larry

ENTS, I measured two more 20'+ Live Oaks this morning. The first
located in Long Beach, Ms., growing along Hwy 90 West with a Wrought
Iron Fence built around it. Thus the name the Wrought Iron Fence Oak.
CBH-21', Height-54' and Spread-121.5'. I've seen this tree many times
in my travels and finally stopped to measure it. 

Wrought Island Oak

Wrought Iron Oak

The Second Oak is
much larger approaching 25' CBH. The Pass Christian Oak, growing near
Hwy 90 West on Scenic Drive. CBH-24' 5", Height-63' and Spread-132'.
This Oak was loaded with acorns so I gathered up some from the ground
for planting. A very healthy tree with massive limbs. The listing is
now close to 90 trees. I'll post some photos on the file page. Larry

Pass Christian Oak

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Date: Sun, Sep 21 2008 2:47 pm
From: dbhguru@comcast.net


I bow in your direction. The number in the 25-foot club continues to grow.