Richard Oaks and the Ramsey Cemetery oak  Larry Tucei 
  February 02, 2009

Yesterday morning Feb., 1st I measured and photographed 3
Live Oaks over 22' CBH.  The 1st and 2nd are growing near each other
at the old Richards place on Lorraine Rd., just outside of
northeastern Gulfport. The house on the property is over 100 years
old. Built in the latter 1800's, made from Cypress and Long Leaf built
on a small ridge that flanks the western side of the Biloxi River. The
1st, The Richards Oak 1, CBH-26'1", Height-72' and Spread-100'. The
2nd Richards Oak, CBH-22'8", Height-60' and Spread-133.5'. Both very
healthty and over 200 years old.  The property owners gave me
permission to measure and photograph them and I hated to leave the old
place it was so tranquil there.              

Next I went north about
15 miles up Hwy 15 to a small community called Ramsey Springs. There
is a large Live Oak growing on a hillside in the old Ramsey
Cemetery.with massive crown, an almost perfect formed tree.  The
Ramsey Cemetery Oak, CBH-24'4", Height-75' and Spread-139.5'. I've
known about all 3 of these Oaks for years.  I have photos of all 3 and
will post them on the file page. I will also update the Live Oak
Listing which now is at 105 trees over 20'+ CBH.


Ed, I will send you
photos at your email. Bob, Live Oak Rules!    



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