Spring Flowers MS 2008  


Since most of you are still having Winter weather I though you
might like some Spring stuff. All the trees here except Pecan and
Hickory are leafing out. They have always been the last to leaf, don't
know why but its been that way ever since I've lived here. All of the
Flowering Plants and Shrubs are in full bloom. I took some photos of
Azalea, Purple& White Wistieria, Purple Lantana, Hawthorn and Cherokee
Rose. I'll post them on the file page.  



Cherokee Rose


Multicolored Cherry Tree

Purple Lantana

Purple Wisteria


White Wisteria


Spring Flowers Georgia  2008


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Date: Mon, Mar 31 2008 7:09 pm
From: Will Fell

I went out last week near my house and took several photos on Longleaf
Pines of various ages and uploaded them to the file page. This after
the discussion of the needle length of Longleaf Pine. One of the
photos shows a Longleaf in the "grass stage". It is the clump of green
in the center of the photo. Compare it to the clumps of wiregrass in
the foreground and right of the photo. I also added a few more photos
of Dogwoods and Azaleas in Bloom down here. The Dogwoods are the
prettiest I can remember in years. The blooms were large and flawless,
normally the dogwood blooms around this section are not this

azaleas dogwoods in my back yard 3_26_08 097a.jpg (65338 bytes)

Azaleas and Dogwoods 03-26-2008

azaleas in my yard 3_31_08a.jpg (92213 bytes)

Azaleas 03-31-2008

Azaleas in my yard 3_26_08 094a.jpg (71244 bytes)

Azaleas 03-26-2008

Dogwood 3_26_08 034a.jpg (115162 bytes)

Dogwood 03-26-2008

dogwoods 3_26_08a.jpg (102279 bytes)

Dogwoods 03-26-2008

trees in bloom3_26_08a.jpg (47302 bytes)

Trees in Bloom 03-26-2008