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Date: Thurs, Apr 17 2008 8:42 pm
From: Beth


Over the last couple of days I explored part of Dr. Edmund A. Babler
Memorial State Park in Chesterfield Missouri. The park combined the
love of nature of Jacob L. Babler and his desire to commemorate his
brother, a prominent St. Louis surgeon. This Park started in 1934
with a donation of 68 acres and grown to encompass 2500 acres with
more than 13 miles hiking and esquestian trails. I measured 19 trees
most of which were average in size with on notable exception a
sycamore. This tree has seen some rough times as the crown had to
have been ripped out if it many moons ago. The numbers for it are cbh
of 19 feet and a height of 98.8 feet. (note the height is not adjusted
for calibration of range finder, which still needs to be done) I will
add 2 pics of this sycamore to the web site.

108cbhBablerStateParkSycamoreb.jpg (88742 bytes)
108" cbh Sycamore
126cbhBablerStateParkECottonwoodb.jpg (100236 bytes)
126" cbh Eastern Cottonwood
247cbhBabler_bottom half.jpg (122916 bytes)
247" cbh Sycamore bottom half (up) and upper half (right)
247cbhBablerSycamore_top.jpg (123666 bytes)

Here are my findings and once again the heights have not been adjusted
for calibration:

Serviceberries.jpg (126681 bytes) Serviceberries in Bloom

Serviceberry (A. arborea):
cbh 14.25"
ht 28.6'

cbh 21"
ht 34.7'

cbh 30"
ht 41.5' note this tree had a major branch trimmed off it and
it is still 20 points from being co- champ

Shagbark Hickory (C. ovata)
cbh 62"
ht 84.1'

Eastern Red Cedar(J. virginiana)
cbh 57"
ht 71.4'

Red Bud (C. canadensis)
cbh 59"
ht 31'

Eastern Cottonwood (P. deltoides)
cbh 126"
ht 89.8

cbh 148"
ht 106.4'

Sycamore (P. occidentalis)
cbh 108"
ht 91.8'

cbh 247"
ht 98.8'

Persimmon (D. virginiana)
cbh 39"
ht 68.7'

cbh 45"
ht 71.4

cbh 69"
ht 76.4'

ht 74.1 (no cbh taken)

Black Oak (Q. velutina)
cbh 102"
ht 58.6'

cbh 78"
ht 64.4'

White Oak (Q. alba)
cbh 89"
ht 77.3'

cbh 116"
ht 83.2' note this tree had a vine growing on it that had a cbh of
18" and could have been a swamp white oak (Q. bicolor). 
I will check this out once it leaves out.

Northern Red Oak (Q. ruba)
cbh 80"
ht 69'

 Bloodroot in bloom
trailBabler.jpg (121540 bytes)
Trail at Babler State Park

If I counted correctly that is ten species so we can do a Rucker's
Index, which comes out to 72.6. I realize that this is not all that
of an impressive RI but it is my first one and I know that it will
only go higher as the one area that I didn't get to was the virgin old
growth forest! Yes Bob, Ed, and others there is virgin forest in St.
Louis County. I am shocked just as much as you are. I thought that
99% of Missouri had been cut at one time or another. Live and learn.


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Date: Fri, Apr 18 2008 6:58 am
From: James Parton


Nice report. And ain't tree measuring fun?

James P.

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Date: Fri, Apr 18 2008 9:04 am
From: Beth Koebel


Yes it is. I have found a place called Rockwood
Reservation on the way back from Babler State Park.
This seems like a place to go and visit also. I might
go there tomorrow for Earth Day and help them remove
invasive plants or I might go to our farm and hunt for
Morels...(in the voice of Homer Simpson...mmmmm,
morels. :}