Ancient Sycamore Barry Caselli
  January 14, 2009

I have finally found the scans of the pictures of this tree. This was on a rural roadside in Upper Pittsgrove Township, Salem County, NJ. I can give a more exact location if needed. I think it would be cool to have this tree measured.
This is one of the largest Sycamores I've ever seen. This one not only has girth, but it has some height to it also.
I was in awe when I was near this one. I photographed it sometime in 2007 or 2008. I can't remember for sure. 
I think this tree is just crying to be measured! Just look at it! Too bad I travel alone, or I could have had a person stand with it for the photo.
P.S.- I normally refer to these trees as Buttonwoods, but for the purposes of this group I call them by their more proper name, Sycamores



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