Tuliptree in Egg Harbor Barry Caselli
  January 29, 2009

Today I measured the CBH of several trees.
One of the first was this Tuliptree in Egg Harbor City. You can see that it was butchered some time ago, so the height is lost, but this baby is huge for a street tree that's probably less than 100 years old.
The CBH is 11'10".
I also found a giant Willow Oak that is bigger, about a half a block away, but I'm going to need help to measure it, since there's no place to hook my tape.

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Okay, take a look at the Tuliptree in the pictures, which I've shown you before.
The CBH is 11' 10". Knowing this, and how it looks, and the fact that it's a street tree in a residential area, how tall do you think it MIGHT be today, if it had not gotten chopped off several years ago? Any guesses? Obviously it's not as tall as it once was, which is a shame. It's a nice healthy tree. I also noted many places where large limbs were cut off, and the tree healed over the scars completely.
I can imagine that some of you have enough experience that you can guess how tall a species of tree should be in several situations, such as forest-grown, open-grown, and city/town street tree, assuming you know it's CBH.
Barry Caselli, Feb 1, 2009

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