What I See Everyday, NJ Barry Caselli
June 08, 2008

This post is about what kinds of forest (and other) ecosystems I drive by every day on my way to work.
First, look at the two photos. I apologize because they are scans that aren't so good. The Fall foliage shot shows what I see as I start to drive away from the house each morning, with the length of the driveway in front of me, and the front yard to my right, off the picture. You can see the road at the end. I see deer nearly every day too.

Now, for the ecosystems I see every day. I drive past two types of pine-oak uplands: the pine dominant type and the oak-dominant type. I also drive by cedar swamps and hardwood swamps, as well as blueberry farms and regular vegetable farms (I guess they are called truck farms). I also drive past old blueberry fields that were abandoned and grew up into woods. I also drive by a peach orchard and a field of grass that was control-burned this winter.
Nearly the whole way to work I see roadsides with lots of wildflowers.

When I get about 3 or 4 miles from work I start seeing a lot of professional-medical-commercial development, as well as a hospital. Our resort is along both sides of U.S. Route 9, which runs up the coast. At work I see pine barrens (oak-dominant pine-oak upland) and salt marsh.

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