Pine Barrens Area maps - Where I Live Barry Caselli
June 08, 2009

I was just thinking of this earlier. I thought it would be great if people looked at a map and saw where I live, and saw the state forests and parks near me.
Here's a general map that shows part of Wharton State Forest. You can zoom in or drag the map around as much as you want, and see the surrounding area.
Just above South Egg Harbor look for the word Devonshire. Our house is just above the letters s and h in that name.,-74.673386&spn=...
And this aerial photo shows where our house is. I made it so that the house is almost exactly in the center of the photo. The tiny black dot to the left of the house is the pool (which has no liner now). You can see the wide strip of woods to the right of the house, that reaches to Darmstadt Avenue.,-74.661241&spn...
As for the nearby state forests and parks, Wharton's acreage is now up to 122,000.
Here's our State Parks website:
Also near (or relatively near) me are a few state wildlife management areas, a few New Jersey Natural Lands Trust preserves, a few New Jersey Conservation Foundation preserves, a few Nature Conservancy preserves, a few Natural Lands Trust preserves (different from NJNLT), a few National Wildlife Refuges, two privately-run wildlife refuges and a few county parks.
On the first map you can see places I've named in some of my posts, such as Hammonton and Weymouth.
The Pine Barrens is truly special, and maybe you can get a glimpse of what it's like from this post. Remember, this is the most densely populated state in the U.S., and development pressures are very strong, even with the Pinelands Commission in place.
Also, here is my Yahoo group: I can't remember if the links section can be viewed by non-members or not. I've got probably the most comprehensive list of on-topic links available, in many categories, as well as more general links below the various folders. I've had this group for almost 9 years.

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