Blueberry festivals and big trees Barry Caselli
June 29, 2009

On this past Saturday and Sunday I attended our two blueberry festivals. We always have two here in New Jersey. One of them was up in Whitesbog  , the birthplace of the cultivated highbush blueberry. The other one was in the Town of Hammonton, the home of the world's largest blueberry farm . Their fields are all over.

Anyway, at Whitesbog I took notice of some Pin Oaks up there. I rarely see pin oaks. But in the old village they have several, and one of them has a little plaque on it with the common and scientific names. I photographed the largest one I saw, which may have had a CBH of 7 feet. When I photographed it I just happened to get someone in the picture. That was not planned.
Later I was admiring a decent-sized Pitch Pine. Since I had my father with me I asked him to take a picture of the tree with me in front of it. Now I remember why I don't like pictures taken of me! This Pitch Pine may have a CBH of just over 6 feet. That's my guess.

So I've attached my photos of the largest Pin Oak I saw there, and three photos of one of the nice Pitch Pines there in the village. Picture # DSC01576 is a broad view showing a few other Pitch Pines, but the pine in the other pictures is hidden on the left side of that picture.


P.S.- on a side note, I believe New Jersey is the second largest blueberry-producing state, and the third largest cranberry-producing state. But I thought the cranberry figure had changed after a large farm got sold for preservation. I can't remember.

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