Lone American Elm, NJ Barry Caselli
July 28, 2009

I have posted about this tree before, but I don't believe I ever showed a map of its location. It's in the middle of the ghost town of Friendship, a former cranberry bog village in the middle of nowhere. The old bogs are everywhere, and the beavers love them.
Anyway, here's the bird's-eye view, and the tree should show up right in the middle of the photo.

Of course you can zoom out or in, and change to the map view or aerial view.
Just above the tree is a dirt road, and just above that is one of the old cranberry bogs, with a stream running through it. My attached photos show that old bog, and the tree. The tree photo is from February, and the bog photos are from July 4th.
The tree seems very healthy. In my original post I told how big the CBH was, which I don't remember now. It's a good-sized tree.

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