Yesterday and today- 3 views, NJ Barry Caselli
August 4, 2009

Here are 3 very similar views taken looking from our house towards the road, but from 3 timeperiods- 1988, 1995 and today. The 1988 view was taken from the front porch. The 1995 and 2009 views were taken from an upstairs window.
On the left in the little plantation you see white pines. In the center you see Douglas-firs and on the right you see Japanese black pines. Many of those died a few years ago. The Douglas-fir directly behind the maple in the yard had both its tops broken off in a storm several months ago, so it's not really visible in the view.
How about that growth in the intervening years? Amazing.
In the 1988 and 1995 views you can see the trees in front of the house across the road, which is about 800 feet or more from our house.

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The original goal was to have Christmas trees to sell, or at least that's what we assumed when we moved here in 1985. At that time we were told that they were planted either in 1982 or 1983. I attempted to shear them, but we ended up doing nothing with them, and ultimately forgetting about them. The goal now is to do nothing with them and see what happens. There are many cut-your-own Christmas tree farms scattered around the Pine Barrens. What never made any sense was the fact that there are white and Japanese black pines in the stand. Who would want to use those as Christmas trees?

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