Biggest White Cedar so far- found today Barry Caselli
February 16, 2009

Today I went in to town to get a cup of coffee, and was heading home on Route 30. But for some reason I turned on the jughandle at my street and made a U turn and went back to town, and parked on a side street right near the edge of town. I guess I had an idea. So I walked over to Hamburg Avenue, which is the city line, between Egg Harbor City and Mullica Township (this township). I decided I would just look at and photograph some of the White Cedars I could see from the road. You see, right in that spot there is a woodland swamp that is mostly hardwood, of swamp maples and such, with a few scattered White Cedars throughout. They all are tall and straight. But I was looking at a couple of them right next to the road. I got closer and said "Hey, wait a minute. Look at the size of that one!". So I got out my tape and measured it, and found the CBH to be 6' 8", the largest Atlantic White Cedar I've found yet. So that was really cool. If you remember, this
 site is less than a mile from here, as the crow flies.
Here's a picture of the trunk of the tree:
And here is a view of the entire tree: (The tree in question is the one on the left. The taller one on the right is not as large.)
So this large White Cedar is 2 inches smaller than the largest Pitch Pine I've ever seen.
Also, I took a walk around much of the city afterwards, and found many more butchered trees (pictures later), and a beautiful Tuliptree of 11' 8" CBH, just two inches smaller than another on a different block.
This may not sound exciting to some of you, but it is to me.


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