Two huge cemetery trees, and a controlled burn Barry Caselli
February 17, 2009

Are you ready for this? In a cemetery in Hamonton, I found the largest Oak I've ever measured, and the largest Sassafras I've ever seen, period. This Sassafras blows the doors off any I've ever seen before, at least in real life. It doesn't look too good, but it's alive, for now.
I went to this cemetery to measure the oak, which I had seen before. I had never noticed the Sassafras before.
The CBH of the Sassafras is 10' 6"!
Here's a picture of the whole tree:
The trunk below the bottom branches:
A twig:
The CBH of the oak is 15' 5". That's the smallest measurement I could get at the proper height above the ground, after trying 3 times.
Here's a picture of the whole tree (what a beauty):
The trunk, showing some kind of yellow fungus looking stuff:
These two trees were simply phenomenal.
After this I drove down a dirt road, actually part dirt and part paved, and found the Forest Fire Service doing a controlled burn.
One of their forest fire trucks:
Two views into the forest:
A view of the smoke across Makepeace lake, a couple miles away:
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