Chinese Elm and a big holly Barry Caselli
February 13, 2009

I work for the golf grounds department of a hotel/golf resort, which you already know if you read my long rant about it a few weeks ago.
Yesterday at work I suddenly thought about a tree near the practice green in front of the hotel. I knew it was big, and thought I should measure and photograph it.
Let me backtrack before I go further. 15 years ago or a little more I asked my then boss about two trees in front of the hotel- one next to the practice green and one next to the golf shop. I asked him what they were. Without thinking hard and without trying to remember, he said, right off the top of his head, that they were Chinese Elms. I found out later that some employees referred to that guy as a "tree-hugger". He was the best boss our department ever had.
Well in my long rant a few weeks ago, you may remember that I mentioned that one of those Chinese Elms had been cut down, and that later some golf shop employees said "I'm glad that eyesore is finally gone."
So yesterday I remembered that the one that is still there, the one next to the practice green, is pretty big. So today I brought my tape and my digital camera to work. Guess what? This elm measured up at 11' 7 1/2" CBH!
The hotel and one of the golf courses date to 1914, so maybe the tree dates to that time period as well. I think it's a real beauty, and I hope they never cut it down.
So, when I walked over to the elm, I immediately noticed a very nice and large twin-trunk holly (Ilex opaca) nearby, So I also measured and photographed it. I measured the larger of the two trunks, which came up at 4' CBH.
Here's the trunk of the elm:
And here's the entire tree:
Here are the trunks of the holly:
And the entire tree:
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