Cutting Holly trees and the law (in NJ) Barry Caelli
February 13, 2009

For years and years I had always thought that it was illegal to cut down a holly tree in NJ. I never had any idea where I got that from, but I always thought that it was so. In recent years I have begun to think that it was simply an urban legend, since I never actually saw the statute, and nobody had heard of this except me.
But then in the article that Ed just provided the link to,
I find this paragraph, which seems to substatiate what I've thought all along:
"Cutting holly at Sandy Hook now violates both Federal and state laws; Federal statutes forbid destruction of foliage in national parks, and New Jersey law bars cutting holly in the wild, as it does cutting other endangered species like mountain laurel."
But I am still unaware of the statute that this quote refers to.
Around 1987 or so, my father found a buyer for my grandfather's farm in Barnegat, NJ. The buyer turned out to be a storage company that wanted to build storage units there. They tore down the house and all trees around the house and in the yard, except for the holly that was directly in front of the house. To me that also substantiated what I had thought all along, that it was illegal to cut hollies in NJ.
But do you remember my long rant a few weeks ago about the idiots where I work, the destruction they have done and are doing on the golf courses? Well among all the trees they've cut down over the years, many holly trees are included! If there is such a statue on the books, my bosses are in clear violation.

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