Swamp Maple, Green Bank, NJ Barry Caselli
March 13, 2009


I posted this earlier, but everyone was involved in many discussions. Maybe you didn't see my post.
So here it is again. This is in Green Bank, Washington Township, Burlington County, on a high bank above the Mullica River in someone's front yard. The people's yards extend down the bank to the river, and River Road passes through the yards. It's a dead end road anyway. This is about 6 to 8 miles from here, I would guess.
This is the largest Swamp Maple (Acer rubrum) I've ever seen.
It would have to be measured at maybe 12 to 15 inches from the ground, since it's got a growth habit similar to Live Oaks. I would guess that the circumference at that level is maybe in the 10 to 11 foot range, maybe at the high end of that range. I don't know.
I've driven by this tree a zillion times, but never noticed how big it was.



[Barry Caselli, April 8, 2009]

I believe I mentioned, back on March 16, that I stopped by the Swamp Maple I had previously photographed in February, and examined it more closely, and also took another picture. I forgot to post that picture.
So here it is, the largest Swamp Maple (Acer rubrum) I have ever seen.
One group member said to me that it appeared to be a multi-trunk tree. Honestly, as I was looking closely at the tree that second time, and also looking at the picture now, I don't see that. But of course it's possible.
I'm attaching both the original picture that showed the entire tree, and the newer picture that shows a closeup of the trunk.
If you'll remember, I speculated that it may be upwards of 11 feet in CBH.



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