New champion E. Red Cedar- lost! Barry Caselli
  January 27, 2009

I finally found my latest copy of New Jersey's big tree list/booklet. It's from 1998. Up though that list NJ's only criterion for measurement of big trees was the circumference. The booklet says that they were going to switch to the AFA measurement criteria for 1999 and forword. So I was reading through the list last night. I found several trees listed in places where I've been, but never knew there was a champion tree there. I also found two that I have seen and photographed.

Anyway, the champion Eastern Red Cedar has a circumference of 9'7", and is in the front yard of a church that I have photographed. I never noticed it. So I need to go back there some day. But when I read how big that tree was, I remembered a tree on one of the golf courses where I work. I knew that tree was much bigger, at least in circumference. I photographed it a couple years ago, and need to find that photo. I took my father's long measuring tape to work with me, and walked out to the tree after work. To my horror it had been cut down!! Part of the stump is about 2 feet high, and part of it is about 3 feet high. So I measured the stump below the lowest cut. The trunk didn't flare out at the bottom anyway, so this is pretty accurate. I measure it to be 11'11" ! This tree was a casualty of the reckless and pointless cutting that they've been doing for several years now, that I described in an earlier post in these forums. What a tragic loss. I'm glad
 that I at least have a photo of it. I will have to find it and scan it.



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