New Jersey Pine Barrens, Again  Barry Caselli 
  Jan 01, 2009
Many of you will remember me from a couple years ago when I was
somewhat active in this group, before it was a Google Group. I have
been invited back a few times, and finally I decided to sign up and
come back.

I still live in the NJ Pine Barrens. A few months ago I started
fooling around with my account on Youtube. I was adding favorite
videos to it. Meanwhile I knew of someone in the Long Island (NY) Pine
Barrens who puts up videos of his hikes through his Pine Barrens. I
suddenly decided that I should make videos like that in our Pine
Barrens right here. So I started doing just that. In the past week my
digital camera quit, so I can't take any more digital pictures or
shoot any more video right now. But I hope to change that soon.

Since I started shooting video for my Youtube account, I started
really enjoying hiking. I've always enjoyed the Pine Barrens, but
never walked as much as I do now.

I can hike in the woods behind and next to our house. I can also drive
1.2 miles up the road and hike in a state Wildlife Management Area
that's there. I can also drive 2.1 miles in the opposite direction to
hike some dirt roads through the woods that lead into another Wildlife
Management Area. Not to mention there are numerous state parks and
forests all around the area.

When I hike I pay attention to the trees, the shrubs, and the plants
at ground level. I love lichens, mosses and club-mosses. In a recent
hike along a dirt road I have found several Pitch Pines that are the
largest I've ever seen. I have photos of them, but they are not online
anywhere yet.

My Yahoo Group, which I've had for many years, is still up. For a few
weeks I've had a photo of some Pitch Pines on the main page. Here's
the link, so you can see the photo:
And here is the link to my Youtube account. Some of my videos are
actually slide shows. Trees figure prominently in most of them. If you
aren't familiar with Youtube, you have to look at "videos", on the
right side of the page. Those will be my videos. If you look at
"favorites", those are other people's videos that I chose to be
favorites of mine.

I will try to stay active here, since I love trees so much. Thanks,


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