New Jersey Pine Barrens Event Barry Caselli
June 21, 2009

I don't have a date set for this yet. But I have places lined up to go to. These place names may or may not mean something to you. But you can Google them.
Tentative sites:
--Wharton State Forest, Martha Furnace area- for the Catalpa trees and other things.
--Wharton State Forest, Batsto Historic site- for the old trees in the village and other things, also the Pitch Pines at the church
--a drive through Lower Bank to see very old White Oaks, and maybe measure one
--Wharton State Forest, Atsion village- for some old White Pines, and possibly the ride through the woods between Batsto and Atsion.
--Atlantic County Park at Estell Manor- for the largest Pitch Pine I know of, and some really nice big Willow Oaks.
--Egg Harbor City Lake area, to see an old Shortleaf Pine, some Loblolly Pines, and some cedar swamps (we will drive through one on the way to Lower Bank also.)
--South Egg Harbor, big Scarlet Oak
--Weymouth Furnace County Park and John's Woods Preserve- for a Hemlock and other things, and a big Sweetgum.
--an ancient Tuliptree near where I work, to admire and measure it
--awesome old Buttonwood in Salem County to admire and measure it
--historic village of Greenwich to see and measure some ancient Buttonwoods

Again, all these are tentative only.
The last two places are outside the Pine Barrens.
Ticks are a problem here. So everyone should probably treat their clothing with Permethrin before coming. Pine Flies and Mosquitoes are a problem in areas near water, so bug spray with DEET will be needed. 

I am located somewhere around the middle of the Pine Barrens, off U.S. 30, northwest of Atlantic City and southeast of Philadelphia.
Oh, there was one thing I wanted to ask. Do you want to make this a one-day thing, or make it two days? I don't know how far people will come from, but maybe two days would be better than one. TIme flies when we are having fun.

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