Possible new NJ champion Scarlet Oak Barry Caselli
February 13, 2009

In a recent post entitled "big oak - South Egg Harbor, and more", I described a large oak tree near here, in South Egg Harbor. I also showed you pictures of it. It's kind of in a bad state, yet not dying, just damaged. I had said that the CBH is 11' 7".
Well last night I was looking through my 1998 NJ Big Tree List and found that the NJ champion Scarlet Oak has a CBH of 10', clearly smaller than the tree in South Egg Harbor, which I believe to be a Scarlet Oak. It seems I have a possible new champion on my hands. I just need to confirm that it is indeed a Scarlet Oak. The leaves on the ground below it sure look like it to me. We have Scarlet Oak trees right here next to the house.
Here's a shot of the leaves on the ground:
What I need to do also is get myself a copy of the 2009 NJ Big Trees list, so that I'm working from a current list.
Anyway, it's exciting that this tree may be a new champion.


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