Oak Hill Cemetery, Vineland, NJ Barry Caselli
March 24, 2009

On Sunday I visited Oak Hill Cemetery in Vineland (Cumberland County). I thought I knew every cemetery in Vineland, but I discovered this one on my map while I was there. I had to kill some time, so I explored it. I don't usually visit cemeteries for their trees, though the trees sometimes end up being a very good reason to visit.
This one was very interesting for two reasons- the first reason being that it was full of relatively large Tuliptrees, and some other assorted older trees. There were some Norway Spruces, White Pines and Hemlocks. One Hemlock was broken off about halfway up. This top piece was gone, I guess removed long ago. It also had a broken branch that was still connected, and hanging low. So I checked it for HWA. It had it! Both Hemlocks were in a sorry state because of the HWA. What a shame.
The other reason I found this cemetery interesting (other than the graves of course), was the fact that it was filled with young exotic and non-native trees, planted all over. Each one had a tag hanging on it with its common and scientific names, including the specific cultivar. The tags also told where the trees are native.
Once I get the photos re-sized I will either send them to the group, or upload them to my Photobucket account. I'm sure some of you will want to see them.
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