Pine Barrens Fire, April 19, 2009 Barry Caselli
June 23, 2009

I drove down the dirt roads today that border the areas that burned on April 19 and took new pictures. The Pitch Pines have a lot of new growth on them. Some of the pictures I took are quite dramatic. There's new growth on limbs and trunks. It's pretty amazing. That was the closest that a fire ever got to here, so re-visiting the site is easy. It's probably only 5 miles away.
Anyway, check out the slideshow. I uploaded it to my Youtube account, and it should be viewable by now. Here's the link:

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Two days ago I put up my slideshow of the pictures I took several days after the fire. Then I posted to the group that I had put it up. I'm thinking no one received that message and the other ones I wrote about it. I know Jenny had originally responded, and I responded back to her as well. Maybe all messages aren't getting through. In one of my posts I described the area that burned, and who owns the land.
Anyway, here's the Youtube link again: This can be viewed in high quality, which is recommended.
And to repeat what I already said in one of my older posts on this, this was about 2 to 3 miles from here. I guess about 3.
By the way, in that news report seen in the last Youtube link that I posted, that was the first time I ever heard the Pinelands National Reserve mentioned on a news report. I'm glad they did. He even said it correctly (reserve, as opposed to preserve).
By the way, someone (who seemed to be new to the group) posted something about the Albany Pine Bush a couple days ago, and no one responded to her except myself. I'm thinking that post also never got through to anyone (or maybe I only dreamed it). It's kind of weird. Once in a while some posts get through to me, and it seems no one else received them, because no one responds at all, even though they seem to be of interest.
Anyway, hope you enjoy the slide show. I will keep the group informed about the re-growth of the forest. I always enjoy regrowth of forests after fire. It's fun to see.

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