The Shoemaker Holly Pictures February 12, 2009
  Barry Caselli

For all you holly tree fans-
Here are some of my pictures of the Shoemaker Holly. I can't find my original post about this tree. Anyway it's supposed to be "centures old".
I measured it, but forgot to write it down and then wrote it down later from memory. But I'm quite sure the CBH is 7' 6".
The bronze plaque:
The trunk of the tree:
A closer look at the upper part of the trunk below the crown:
The entire tree:
(Sorry, but I don't have any reduced copies of these yet.)
In one news article online that I read about this tree, it's mentioned as a "60 footer", but it doesn't seem that tall to me.
Also, since hollies are very common in the area, even more so than here, this big holly is surrounded by smaller ones, some just as tall, but not nearly as big.

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